Sexy blonde wet lesbian kissing

There’s no doubt that we were very thrilled to finally get Dakota back on the sites! Dakota is for sure our type of genuine girl who’s truly sexual and in the business for all the right reasons. It’s also awesome that we discovered that Tara was dying to get her hands on Dakota after a bunch of flirting recently. Lucky for us, Dakota hasn’t changed a bit since we last saw her, except that her booty has become even more juicy! Tara and Dakota looked great together and we could tell right away that the scene would have strong chemistry. Tara is an aggressive horny girl and she wasted no time climbing on top of Dakota and was ready to enjoy the ride. Scene highlights include plenty of intense tongue kissing, some deep kisses, tongue sucks, nice finger play, humps and grinds and even a few chin eats along the way! A good scene with horny intensity! Keep the requests coming and we’ll do our best to get it done and satisfy your kissing cravings, and pass along your thoughts as always. Enjoy.


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